Since 1974, MC Software has been and remains a leader in the mortgage technology industry. MC Software provides end-to-end residential loan origination, document preparation, processing, tracking, underwriting, closing, funding, secondary marketing and loan servicing automation. MC Software solutions span the entire loan origination and servicing life cycle.

Whether you are a mortgage banker, credit union, bank or other lending institution, you can be confident that MC Software will complement the way you serve your customers and members – not the other way around.

More than 1,000 credit unions, banks and mortgage originators nationwide have relied on our MC Software technology to leverage their lending and servicing operations since 1974.

A Complete Mortgage Software Solution for All of Your Needs

MC offers not just a single function but a software package Having It All Together for residential, commercial, land and construction loans, home equity lines of credit, commercial lines of credit, pools, general ledger and accounts payable accounting, and cashbook reconciliation. A software package capable of reporting to Credit Bureaus, Investors, Federal Reserve, FDIC, NCUA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, FHLB, IRS, HMDA, and State Housing Agencies.

All types of real estate loans can be originated using the Processing package. The software complies with all requirements for accurate documents, computations, and HMDA reporting.

The Construction package provides for single construction loans, project loans, land loans, and subdivision loans of any dollar amount. A unique feature offered only by Mortgage Computer is called Pseudo Posting. Disbursement of funds can be posted, but prior to the actual disbursement going out the front door one can view the Pseudo Posting to assure funds are not advanced faster than the project is being completed. Control is the key and the major feature of the Construction software package.

The Servicing package handles all types of real estate loans having various interest rates, terms, and repayment methods. Companies with large commercial loans in the hundreds of millions, companies with 150,000 loans to a company with only 100 loans. The software handles the collection of escrow funds and funds for reserves for replacement. The Servicing package offers an efficient Collection package, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Control, and escrow analysis.

From time to time, program modifications and enhancements are made as real estate lending guidelines change. You are invited to request enhancements that will increase efficiency and profitability.

MC will make no change that diminishes the integrity of FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Federal Reserve regulations.

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